• Create Excel reports by accessing ODBC data sources
  • Multiple quieres per report
  • Send created reports by mail (SMTP or HTTP)
  • Upload created reports by FTP
  • Create reports on servers without having to install Excel
  • Send recurring reports using the Windows Task Scheduler

Download Odbc2Excel

Remember to unblock the ZIP file before extracting. Otherwise you might run into problems with Windows SmartScreen.


Screen Shots

Output Options

Use date and time placeholders to create unique file names

SMTP Options

Send Mails by SMTP
This requires either port 25 or 587 to be open.

SMTP over HTTP Options

If your network blocks SMTP, you can send the report over HTTP.
This requires port 80 to be open.

FTP Options

Upload your report to your FTP Server.

Command Line Arguments

Allows you to automatically create your report using the Windows Task Scheduler.

Odbc2Excel.exe "C:\MyDefinitions\AdventureWorks.Odbc2Excel" /runandexit /logfile:"C:\MyDefinitions\AdventureWorks.log"
Make sure you are running the task under a user context that has network privileges if you want to send mails or upload to FTP.

Uninstall Odbc2Excel

Odbc2Excel ist distributed as a simple ZIP file and no additional components will be installed.
To uninstall the application, simply delete the folder containing Odbc2Excel.